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Smart car loan applications ready for approval


Make an intelligent investment with a smart car loan. You can be the proud owner of a new car or truck when you take advantage of a smart car loan. Have your lowest possible interest rate calculated for you in an instant when you decided to fill out an easy, smart application.

With a smart car loan, you are provided with the time needed to really seek out the vehicle of your value and choice. A loan applicant first views possible rates and payments, with anonymous quotes provided for specific vehicles or loan amounts. Once approved, your interest rate will be locked in for 30-60 days (depending on the lender). Your check draft will arrive in the mail made out to a maximum amount for any dealership.

To obtain a smart car loan an applicant needs to meet a few requirements; a minimum age of eighteen; a minimum gross income for an individual must be $1, 800, or joint $2,000; repossessions must be over one year old; bankruptcy must be discharged with one line of positive credit; no multiple bankruptcies; credit must be at a minimum score of 560; and the applicant must have a positive high line of credit of 2,500.

A smart car loan gives you the time and money to shop around for the most competitive interest rates. If you appreciate owning the finer things in life, let a simple loan save you time, and lead you to smart value in a car.


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