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    We are not a direct car loan lender and do not refinance existing car loans or assist with purchases from private parties or non affiliated stores. All car loans are processed throughout our extensive network of leading area automobile retailers and their sub prime automobile financing companies. Visit our Frequently asked Questions to learn more about our service.

    Direct lenders that offer car loans have much more stringent underwriting criteria than the indirect car loan lenders available to our affiliate licensed auto dealers. If you’ve had trouble procuring funds for a vehicle in the past, chances are you were dealing with a direct lender.

    We provide simple, non-threatening services for first time buyers and people with slow pay, repossession, bad or no credit, even after bankruptcy. Since 1999 we’ve arranged over $529,000,000.00 in automobile financing for people with previous bad credit. The fact is, we can overcome most credit problems. We work only with the most trustworthy retailers to ensure each applicant gets the right financing based on their history.

Cars Direct
Our Opinion Check out the financing options before you lock in your price. They have a nifty little program that can show you what you qualify for based on the information you provide (such as: what kind of monthly payment you want, what kind of down payment you can provide and what kind of credit you have). This service is for all types of credit. You can apply online and receive instant approval.

Lending Tree
Automobile Loan Let the banks fight for your business! You will find a lot of useful information about loans on this site (not just auto loans). Auto service is not available for people living in Arizona or Tennessee.

Save on a New or Used Vehicle Loan with E-LOAN’s Auto Financing
New & used car financing, You can also refinance your existing car loan.

Car Club
Car Club – Membership gives you -10% off Gas Using this service you can save 10% off your gas, save you money on your car insurance and provide deductible reimbursement, 24 hour a day toll free direction hotline Never be lost again! Rental car discounts, access to mechanics so you can get a 2nd opinion before making costly repairs, Lemon Protection – if you buy a lemon, they will help you get your money back and a coupon book with $350 worth of coupons to help you save on your car maintenance.

Car Prices
This service allows you to research the type of car you want, set your price on how much you are willing to pay for this car and you can start a bidding war with auto dealers! You can also buy and sell used cars online by using this service. You can also obtain a quote for financing & car insurance from this site.


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