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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Do I have to make a certain amount of money to get an auto loan?
A: Yes. We ask that applicants make a gross income of at least $1500 a month.

Q: I am going through a bankruptcy. Can you still help?
A: We Specialize in handling bad credit and bankruptcy customers. We may very
well be able to help you. Our Application is free and there is no obligation to buy.

Q: How long will it take before I hear from a dealer?
A: A qualified dealer in your area will contact you as soon as they can.

Q: I have more questions. Who can I talk to?
A: Our dedicated staff is standing by to answer all of your questions about the auto loan process. contact us

Q: I have great credit and want a direct car loan for a private purchase or to “pay cash” at a dealership.
A: No problem! If you have excellent credit, you may qualify for a direct loan. Just apply now for car loans, and if approved, your check will be in your mailbox tomorrow.

Q: Why are you sending my application to a dealer in my area?
A: Unfortunately, most banks, finance companies, and credit unions will only loan money for a car or truck when there is a dealer involved. This is called an indirect car loan. The dealer is there to “structure” the sale of the car to you. The dealer collects all of the necessary paperwork that the lender may need about you and the car and then sends that information to the lender. Remember, over 80% of people buying cars today must go through this indirect process. We only work with the best dealers in your area to ensure a pleasurable financing experience.

Q: I do not have excellent credit…how can help?
A: We specialize in helping people with bad credit get the new and used car loans they need! Our national dealership network can provide you with car financing or a lease on a new or newer vehicle.

Q: What kind of car can I get an auto loan for?
A: Our participating dealers have thousands of new and used cars available! All makes and models are obtainable! Apply for bad credit car loans now!

Q: What are the interest rates for my bad credit auto loan?
A: Your interest rate is influenced by several factors; whether the car you want is new or used, the amount of your down payment, your credit history, and the term of your car loans. Your credit specialist will explain to you the details.

Q: How long does the process take?
A: Most customers are contacted within 60 minutes.

Q: Are there any fees with when applying for bad credit car loans with
A: There are no fees for this service.

Q: Will I be able to obtain a warranty for my car?
A: YES! Click here to receive a free quote for an auto warranty.

Q: I own a dealership, how can I become part of your network?
A: Fill out an auto dealer info request form and one of our salespeople will contact you promptly!

Q: Some of my questions regarding auto financing are not answered here. What should I do?
A: Feel free to contact us regarding any additional questions you may have about the finance and loan process.

Q: Does your company provide any additional services?
A: Yes! We also offer bad credit personal loans and short-term loans known as payday loans.


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