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Shop car loan till you drop!

     There is a car loan out there for you whether you have good, bad or excellent credit and the best one for you, is a matter of shopping. The only way to be sure you are getting the best car loan is by comparison shopping. In fact, you should shop harder for your financing than you should for the car and you should shop for this car loan prior to shopping for the car itself.

The idea is to walk in the showroom with your loan approved. It’s like cash in hand and gives you more negotiating power. The other idea is that you know how much your car loan allows you to spend, you will not spend what you do not have and you won’t waste time looking at cars that are out of your budget.

For fast information and possible future fast approval without leaving the comfort of your home and/or having to make an appointment, you might want to consider the Internet for an online car loan. You may want to start looking at credit unions as they normally have the good rates. Other options are the banks, financial institutions and dealership or dealer/manufacturer financing.

Other best options is a car loan against the cash value of an insurance policy or financing through a home equity loan in which case interest rates are lower and payments are tax deductible.

Read the fine print of the car loan contract, understand all terms and check figures at least twice. Happy credit.


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