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The following lenders and dealer resources have special programs available for bad credit auto loans and car loans, even with a past bankruptcy or repossession.

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Auto Loan Locators are perhaps the best source for obtaining bad credit auto loans. Offering car and auto loans for new or used purchases and auto refinancing. They work with both lenders and auto dealers that cater to people with bad credit. If they can not get you approved with one of their lenders they can refer you to a dealer that should be able to help you. They research and make the connection for you, saving you the trouble of applying through individual lenders or the wrong dealers. Their customer service is unmatched and they will strive to get you the financing you need! Quick, easy online application for auto loans are available only a click away. Again probably the best source for bad credit auto loans!

Dealer Resources for Bad Credit Auto Loans-

Stuck in the Bad Credit quagmire- Let us help you!

We specialize in helping people with credit issues and make them competent to secure bad credit auto loan financing through a nationwide dealer network. If you have a bad credit, poor credit, slow payments, collections, repossessions, or a bankruptcy, Car com can help. Their dealer network utilizes sub prime and secondary lenders that cater to the bad credit market. These dealers have well established relationships with these lenders and at times can work around the normal lending parameters for your benefit. is another excellent source for auto loans. Their programs have helped thousands of people all across the country get approved for bad credit auto loans. Special programs for first time auto buyers and those with a bad credit history are the target customers. Their network of auto dealers will work with you through their special finance departments to get you the loan and car you need. These dealers will give you respectful, personalized service and not treat you as just another number.

Lenders for Bad Credit Auto Loans

Auto Loans Free 60 second auto financing, no obligation, no restrictions. Auto loans for purchase only. A nationwide service providing innovative auto finance products and exemplary customer care to customers. We specialize in auto financing for new and used vehicle loans for customers with poor or bad credit. Credit com has helped thousands of people obtain the financing they need. These auto loans offer some of the best rates around, and online approval means you can close the deal quickly. Apply in just minutes and find a local lender who will work with you as you shop for your new car.

LoanWeb-Using a home equity loan instead of traditional auto financing can save you money. Even if you recently purchased your home loans up to 125% of the value of your home are available and any credit history is welcome. Using your home’s equity will usually mean a lower interest rate, more repayment options, and in some cases, significant tax advantages that would not be available with normal bad credit auto loans. Apply here, also, and compare the bottom line.